Clean, nude, uncomplicated food

A warm. friendly, customer-focused, well designed, tech savvy, clean eating cafe in the CBD that serves breakfast and brunch in the morning encouraging people to sit in.  

It 'shifts up a gear' at lunch time to service office workers 'on the go'.

Nude food is a clean eating, whole foods cafe that provides a warm, welcoming, well designed, people focused place to meet & eat or grab on the go breakfasts and lunches for finance and fitness professionals and visitors to St Helier who want consistently interesting and varied healthy, whole food goodness without compromising on taste, in an era where we are celebrating optimal vitality and define health and beauty from the inside out.

             NUDE FOOD LIMITED

Registered Office:  5 New Street, St Helier,  Jersey, JE2 3RA

Registration number:  120442

Registration date:  08-Jan-2016

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